Tamika Nicole Latest Bio


OAKLAND, CA  MARCH 31, 2016 –After 7 years Independent Singer/Songwriter Tamika Nicole releases an EP of new music called “Taking It There”.  “I needed time to figure out if creating music was still important to me” explains Tamika. “I took my time crafting and recording songs I have always loved performing. This was about therapy and a renewed musical purpose for me”.

While working on this project, Tamika spent time doing community service work, creating new entrepreneurial endeavors, and traveling. “Although I had my passport for 7 years, I had never actually left the United States. My excuse was always work, finances, or saving money for music”. Upon leaving the country for the first time, Tamika’s entire perspective on life changed.  “I learned life is short so you might as well live it in the moment. That is exactly what I wanted to do”. She applied this same attitude to her musical career.

Tamika is known for having a raspy, blues style voice with heavy rock and funk influences. She decided to showcase it on “Taking It There”. Tamika says “I used to run from my sound because I wanted to blend in with other singers”. While finishing “The Art of Letting Go” she decided to record a rock song called “Can’t Walk Away” which changed her entire perspective on using her own voice to her advantage.

“When I recorded “Taking It There”, I decided to walk on my emotional edge. I had never experienced that before.  For the first time in my life, I felt free”.  Freedom to Tamika meant taking more chances, meeting more people, and enjoying a well-rounded life. “I learned to focus on the things I loved while letting music be a representation of that”.

Tamika worked with Producer/Guitarist Cam Perridge to capture the sound on this record. “Our process was very organic. We both had a goal of writing and arranging songs that were true to the music”.  Employing the use of live instruments throughout the entire project, the music on “Taking It There” has an urgent feel and universal contemporary sound.  “We wanted it to appeal to the everyday person who needs to hear real human emotions”.

While recording “Taking It There”, Tamika continued her commitment to community work by producing and hosting her show “Ladies Rock Da Mic”. The show takes talented Bay Area singers, spoken word artists and musicians and puts them in front of a live band. The audience is also a huge participant in the performances and the community service. Each show benefits a local organization doing good work in the community.  Tamika says, “It’s music with a purpose. We use music to positively impact the community”.

“Taking It There” showcases an artist striving to keep music alive while living a whole life.  It also offers an in depth look at a new type of Rock Star - one that lives a full quality life with vibrant soulful music as the backdrop.

Tamika Nicole is an independent artist from Oakland, California.  Her new release “Taking It There” is available on iTunes, Amazon and Google Play. You can follow her on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.